Christmas Day Family Games & Activities 2021

Here are some of the trending 2021 Christmas Day Family Games & Activities You Can Play with the Whole Family this Christmas.

Hasbro Monopoly
If you are a collector of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia and board games this would be a perfect addition. Hasbro Monopoly is very striking with the existing layout emblazoned with Halo graphics. And is a easy, fun game to play with the whole family irrespective of age. The rules are the same as monopoly so you can play the game straight away without having to learn new rules. Wish I could say everything there was to say about this very cool and unique game. Very detail oriented and you will learn some very cool facts about the history of national parks in America. The complete family will love this adaptation of the classic game.

Pictionary is just the best Christmas game for playing with family & friends. Pictionary is a fantastic, fun, fast passed game that keeps everyone involved & it is a talent game and the brainiest aren’t at an advantage. My family tends to be competitive, and this game definitely brought out that side. We would recommend this game to any type of family or friends. The aim of Pictionary is to guess what the drawer, who is drawing words from a list of cards. Once you guess correctly, you can advance to next stage.

The Clue Board game is a must have line up in your Christmas family games and activities in 2021. Cluedo known as Clue in North America, is a murder mystery game. The game does not require any time to learn the rules. If you’re unfamiliar with game play its still easy enough to dive into and follow the instructions as you go. Depending on editions 3 to 6 people can play the game. It’s not only fun, but it also makes you rethink tactics, making it perfect for older children and adults. This match is not just fun, but it really allows you to think. The new clue cards provide a great twist, though you can forgo them if you prefer to play a more classic game.

This is a game that all ages can join together and play. It’s Scrabble, most of us know how it works. Definitely a must for your family games collection. Scrabble has always been a firm favourite in most of the households. Good fun, and educational but can get quite competitive. Make sure you have a dictionary to settle arguments. Super quick to set up with extremely easy to follow instructions. You don’t need to be a genius to play this game either.

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