MCRI Study Links Junk Food To Lower Mental Health

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has linked healthy diet to better wellbeing and mental health, the report further notes that there is a need move away from processed and junk foods.

The research conducted by team from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, found that diet can influence mood and processed and junk foods which normally are high in inflammatory properties can lead to poorer mental wellbeing in adults and children.

The research studying link and effects between inflammatory diets and mental health included more than 1700 adults and children. the Child Health Checkpoint Study included junk and processed foods which are normally high in sugar or salt.

Dr. Kate Lycett from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute said there is a need for policy change to restrict amount of GlycA, sugar and salt in processed foods. He further added that low inflammatory diet is associated with positive impacts to physical health.

“This research demonstrates yet another compelling reason to urgently reduce inflammatory diets early in life. High sugar and salt diets and poor mental health are two pressing societal concerns,” Dr. Lycett added.

Melissa Wake, Professor and Scientific Director at MCRI stressed on large-scale long-term studies involving GenV, “Large research projects like GenV will speed up answers to the major issues facing children and adults, today and for their futures,” she added. “For example, GenV could follow families over a long period of time to establish causation between early life diet and later mental health and wellbeing, it could provide our policy-makers with the evidence they need to make meaningful, early interventions to improve health outcomes for children and adults.”

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