New York City and San Francisco NBA Teams To Be Fully Vaccinated

New York City and San Francisco have recently passed laws mandating some level of COVID-19 vaccination requirements in various public settings. The NBA has said that the vaccine requirements for New York City and San Francisco teams will completely enforced covering both staff members and players. According to a memo released, unless there is an approved medical or religious exemption for members of the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors, vaccine requirements will be met.

In New York, the vaccination laws come in to effect on September 13, the new vaccination law requires that anyone over the age of 12 won’t be allowed to enter “certain covered premises” inside the city if they are unvaccinated. Some of the covered premises such as indoor gym, fitness centres, home of the Knicks Madison Square Garden, home of the Nets Barclays Centre will deny entry without providing proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, unless there is a valid and approved medical or religious exemption for not getting the vaccine.

The vaccination laws in San Francisco, will be enforced from October 13, the vaccination laws in San Francisco says everyone over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated, with two doses of vaccine before entering any large-scale public event, and must carry valid vaccination proof. This includes indoor gyms, yoga centre, fitness facilities, NBA games at Chase Centre, however exemption are provided those with approved medical or religious exemption for getting vaccinated.

However, the New York City and San Francisco vaccination laws provide exemption to out-of-town teams coming to New York City and San Francisco cities to play games.
These laws apply only to players on the Knicks, Nets and Warriors and not to members of visiting teams coming to play those clubs.

The teams in both the cities will have to inform the league office on priority which players are not yet fully vaccinated by Friday and all 30 NBA teams will also have to share the memo from NBA with every player on their roster. The teams are also required to inform any new players who they sign up to the team and inform the NBA that it has done so. The league further added that it expects similar vaccination requirements to come in to effect for other NBA teams too, and stricter vaccination rules requiring visiting teams also too be fully vaccinated might be enforced in coming months. If in case a player is not fully vaccinated, they might be allowed to play as long as they have a negative COVID-19 test. But those players won’t be able to interact with outside people and media, except team’s travel party, nor will those players be allowed to leave their hotel beyond going to practices or games.

The current directive covers all coaches, front-office members and trainers, but has stopped short of requiring all players to be vaccinated. League wide vaccination of all staff and players is still under discussion with the National Basketball Players Association. The current memo states that all personnel, support staff working under team who work within 15 feet of players or referees during practise sections and during games will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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