Player Zlaner Twitch Net Worth, Warzone Settings, Loadout

Zlaner Twitch

ZLaner is a world-famous streamer who streams on Twitch.

Twitch has now been known worldwide for the video streaming as most of the best of the streamers play the games on Twitch. It offers the medium to communicate, uploading and streaming the content for the viewers to watch. The streamers earn a lot from here

ZLaner’s full name is Zack Lane whom lives in North America. Zack Lane is presently 23 years old. He was born on 23rd of December in the year 1997. He was born in Canada. Zack came into the picture of streaming from various games and people really liked the content he was uploading, which made him one of the famous streamers of all time.


Zack Lane is a very stylish and famous Canadian Gamer, transfers on the YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. His one of the videos “A Call of Duty: Warzone” In which he displayed the gameplay of 1000 hours of the game has views of around of 137 thousand YouTube perspective. He has a huge fanbase with 346 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. ZLaner’s account on Instagram is @Zlaner. He gives the best content w9ith eye catching visuals. His gameplays are very dynamic and people love them.


ZLaner has many accomplishments recorded beside his name with huge amounts of cashes by winning the tournaments. Other than twitch and YouTube, he can be accessed via discord, Facebook, Instagram and tiktok as well. He has around 111 thousand average subscribers on each of the handles of social media.

He has a huge fanbase with millions of supporters and many fans. He is also sponsored by the Gaming energy Drink, Rioussx and the SCUF Gaming.

ZLaner Net Worth He was in the news headlines of the gaming community when it was reported that he is dating a young lady named Nika. He is very active on all the social media accounts, and is very open about his relationship with his girlfriend. Fans can see the cute and lovely pictures which he posts on Facebook, twitter, twitch and Instagram. He is known to balance is career and love live very effectively. He is a famous player on Twitch and his net worth is expected around $300K. He is one of the top earners who play live games and tournaments. His videos received millions views on YouTube too. Zlaner is also having fanbase on Instagram.

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