Sandra Day O’Connor’s Sports Medicine Program Sees 350 Student Enrollment

Full-time athletic trainers also double as teachers at the Sandra Day O’Connor, where 350 students have enrolled in sports medicine program. The $1 million facility can treat athletes in all sports. The Sandra Day O’Connor sports medicine facility that outshines those at many colleges.

The athletes at the school are fortunate. The cutting edge, college-level athletic training program is not only training Eagles athletes but is also giving future athletic trainers valuable hands-on experience in the process.

Athletic trainer Warren Shaw, served as an internship in athletic training at NKU in Highland Heights, said, “The clinic in there (is) double the size of the clinic in Northern Kentucky for DI athletics,”

The Sandra Day O’Connor clinic is now so popular that Grand Canyon University sports medicine students often request to do their clinical rotations here. Students also have opportunity to get involved in National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) programs to expand their knowledge.

A 2019 study conducted by the Korey Stringer Institute revealed that additionally it showed that the lack of sports medicine treatment is even greater for private schools (45%).

A recent study by Korey Stringer Institute has revealed that 45% of students lack sports medicine treatment at private schools and 34% of students at public high schools have no access to athletic trainers.

Melissa Portela, full-time athletic trainers at Shaw and Courtney Woodward, said that along with facilities and staff, students have equal roll in making the program into one of the best among state high schools in Arizona. Another important aspect of the program is that it provides students with opportunity to earn dual credit.

Portela added “It’s student driven, If we don’t get the students, we don’t have the program. They can see an injury happen from emergency, all the evaluation, to treatment, to rehab, back to pre-injury status,”

Students at Sandra Day O’Connor have 15 classes to choose from, where the training involves anything from taping ankles to higher levels of diagnosing injuries in almost instantly, enabling quicker treatment.

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