The Buffaloes officially forfeit the game against Watseka

Ridge Farm/Chrisman football teams of Georgetown will have to wait for another week for the open match. The Buffaloes cancelled the game with the Warriors on Thursday as The Buffaloes officially forfeit the game, Ridge Farm were was supposed to start the season on Saturday against Watseka.

Georgetown-Ridge Farm principal and athletics director Kevin Thomas in a statement said, “We have currently 21 eligible kids, but with quarantines, it put is in a number that wasn’t going to be manageable because most of the players are freshmen and they were not ready for varsity football,” “It was a tough decision, because we wanted to show people that we are there and ready to play a full season, but the quarantine was unexpected.”

Kevin Thomas further added that most of the new players are coming up to speed as they return from quarantine and will need more time. “The positive side of things is that more kids have went out for the team since school started but they haven’t got their minimum number of practices in,” he added. “We fully expect to play the rest of the season because we will have kids coming off of quarantine and become eligible after getting their minimum practices in.”

Athletics director Kevin Thomas, further clarified that “We are hoping that it is just Week one, you can’t control quarantines in the pandemic, but we do know that we are looking at our numbers increasing and our players for Chrisman are giving us good numbers and I think we are headed in the right direction.”

Georgetown-Ridge Farm/Westville on Thursday lost their first match of the season with a 0-4 loss to The Hoopeston Area soccer team. Ridge Farm/Chrisman football 0, Hoopeston Area soccer team 4. Oakwood/SF 11, Watseka 3.

Hoopeston Area soccer team’s Talen Gredy scorred two goals, while Ben Brown and Isaias Diaz added a goal. Further, Hoopeston Area soccer team’s Owen Root had eight saves, Owen Root has not given up a goal in his its first two games.

On Thursday Watseka played Oakwood/Salt Fork soccer team, Oakwood/Salt Fork soccer team had 26 shots on goal, however ended the pay at Oakwood/SF 11, Watseka 3. Oakwood/SF took a 8-1 halftime lead against Oakwood/SF, as Grant Powell had three goals and four assists for Oakwood/SF. Brody Taflinger had two goals, Macen Phillips had a goal and an assist. Oakwood/SF lost to the warriors 11-3. Josh Ruch and Pacot had four saves for the Oakwood, who are 2-1 by half time. while, Saul Carrillo, Joe Lashuay, Ty Smoot, Dylan Diaz and Tucker Pesek each had a goal and Reef Pacot had three assists.

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